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Self Paced
For time conscious leaders who are self motivated, and need a flexible development plan.
For budget conscious leaders looking for advancement support and development.
For leaders looking for a partner to guide their growth for sustainable impact.
For leadership teams seeking increased accountability to achieve their competitive advantage.

Leading Self Subscription

$347 Annually

Online learning and training have become an essential part of our society. Our Academy is one of the top platforms for on-demand learning.

  • Online Coach Advisor
  • 125+ Micro Courses
  • LIVE Bi-weekly C-suite Conversations with Pam
  • Tons of Resources
  • Daily Leadership News
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Personalized Journal
  • Customized Game Plans

Affordable Bundles

Each of our influencer bundles are priced for budget conscious leaders.

  • 12 Courses in each bundle
  • 1-year Subscription each (purchased separately)
  • Ask a Coach Advisor
  • Conceptual Readiness Assessment
  • Tools and Resources

Executive Coaching

Get everything in our basic subscription when you establish a 6-month coaching relationship with one of our coaches.

  • 1-year Subscription
  • Leadership DISC
  • Core Competency Assessment
  • Scenario Practice Cases
  • 1:1 Weekly or Bi-weekly Coaching Sessions

Executive Teaming

Our teaming package is for organizations that seek a thought partner and coach to support their team's excellence.

  • 1-year Subscription each
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Culture Assessment 
  • PRO Mgmnt. Strategy
  • Executive Team Strategy
  • So much more....