HerPathTM to Leadership

Helping women build their brands, their businesses and their bottom lines.

A leadership development and networking program exclusively for women.

You can't negotiate your value if you don't know what you have to offer. As a member of our Leading with Influence Academy, not only will you experience bi-weekly HerPathTM huddles to build and strengthen an amazing brand and enhance core capabilities, but you'll also learn from experts how to expand your professional visibility, relevance, sustainability, and impact, and join a supportive community for added accountability, encouragement, and support. For emerging and advanced women professionals.

In what ways does your professional brand align with your organizational goals and support your personal bottom line?


Your Brand

Our vision is to ensure you build a reputable, credible, sustainable brand that equips you to enjoy the career you desire most. But that is only part of it because your brand is more than a statement, it should embody your values and your achievements. We will help you define and exhibit all aspects of your brand.

Your Business

As a leader you get to decide how to leverage your talent. You can work for someone else, work for yourself, become a business owner where others work for you or some combination of these three. Regardless, whether leading yourself or others, our goal is to position you with the confidence and capability to ask for and get what you want while delivering the outcomes your organization desires.

Your Bottom Line

Many leaders fail to plan for the various seasons of life that impact their bottom line. As such, they get great jobs, and because of their failure to plan financially, find themselves tethered to a job that is no longer serving them. We want to help you change that and give you access to the tools, resources, and experts who can help you boost your bottom line while building a legacy.



Here's how you benefit:

  1. Join a private community of women in or advancing to various leadership roles.
  2. Gain bi-weekly insights from experienced women who are respected coaches and thought-leaders.
  3. A safe place to confidentially share your most pressing challenges and gain insights on your next step.
  4. Access relevant courses in micro-bursts.
  5. Extensive body of tools and resources at your fingertips.
  6. Ask an Advisor service at no extra cost.
  7. Plus so much more.


Meet a few of our skilled facilitators.

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Pamela J. Green

executive coach & BRAND CONSULTANT

Marcella Mollon-Williams

behavioral financial advisor

Shari Davis

Leadership Consultant & coach

Dr. Annemarie Spadafore

executive coach & OD consultant
I participated in the online live sessions earlier this year and found them extremely useful. The networking and opportunity to hear the experiences of other women in leadership was amazing. 

Liz Trueman, 

HR Leader


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1.  Join the Academy.
2. Complete your onboarding with Trish, your Academy
3. Complete the Build Your Personal Brand course.
4. Take one of our baseline assessments.
5. Join our LIVE calls.
6. Download great resources.
7. Enjoy a private community.
8. Take advantage of more than 125+ micro-courses.

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