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Why Consider DISC Certification?

Strengthen your employee and leadership relationships. As a certified DISC facilitator, you will be able to enhance employee and leader loyalty, position yourself as a trusted expert, and provide continuous organizational value.

$2600 / pp + $500 Annual Fee
$3600 / up to three company employees + $500 Annual FEE

Administer 5 Types of DISC Assessments

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Self Assessment

DISC is a simple, practical, easy to remember and universally applicable model. It focuses on individual patterns of external, observable behaviors and measures the intensity of characteristics using scales of directness and openness for each of the four styles.

Leadership Assessment

Using the DISC model, the Leadership DISC makes it easy to identify and understand your own style, while also recognizing and cognitively adapt to different styles, and develop a process to communicate more effectively with others.

Collaboration Report

This DISC Collaboration Report shows how two people interact with each other in order to help them develop a better working relationship. Their DISC behavioral style is only one aspect within a working relationship, but it is one of the most crucial elements.

Communication Report

The report offers suggestions that can help others who interact with you understand and be aware of your communication preferences. To use this information effectively, share it with others and also discuss their preferences.

Team Summary

Examine the natural and adapted style of eah team member along with their strengths, work styles tendencies, and how individuals can be most effective in their work environments.

Team Wheel

The wheel is a powerful tool that adds a visual representation to the behavior style of the team. From a broad perspective, it allows the team to view their natural and adapted behavior styles. 

Team Dynamics

This Team Dynamics Report assists you to better understand and develop how well your team functions and performs. It provides an overview of the combination of different behavioral styles within the team.

Behavioral Tendencies

Understanding how individuals exhibit highs and/or lows that are opposite from the overall team highs and lows will help you and the team strategize how to enhance the team's approach and/or effectiveness.

About the course

DISC is a scientifically validated assessment that will match or map to your organizational goals. Our basic certification program is a combination of one-on-one, instructor-led and self-paced sessions. They are fully online and you go at your own pace. For organizations looking to certify staff members with a basic level understanding and interpretation of DISC results. Our DISC Assessment Certification is designed to provide you with the ability to debrief an employee's DISC report with confidence and accuracy and use the assessments for a variety of organizational needs.

All of our member accounts have access to trainer materials, marketing one-sheets, individual and team reports, access to your reports and account 365 days a year 24 hours each day.

After training:
$500 Annual Account Fee. No Setup Costs. Pay as You Go Pricing. UNLIMITED FREE Reports.

Practical Approach

Significantly improve your understanding of DISC and your ability to debrief DISC reports. Learn how to use the assessments for different leadership and organizational needs.This is an exceptional investment for every internal coach, HR, chief of staff, and leadership development professional. DISC Certification will give you the knowledge to debrief reports without hesitation.

Deeper Integration

Having a DISC certified professional on staff allows for deeper integration of the instrument to your individual, team and organizational goals. 

You no longer have to wait for a member of our team to create your custom reports, you can generate multiple reports including collaboration,  behavioral tendencies, and team dynamics, wheels, and graphs for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Talent Development

The DISC assessment is a fundamental component of any talent development program. Organizations that use DISC-type assessments as part of their learning and development process report receiving economic benefits in areas such as improved hiring success rates, reduced employee turnover, increased employee productivity, and a strengthening of overall corporate culture.

Pamela J. Green, MBA, SPHR, PCC

Pamela is an executive consultant and coach with more than 30 years of leadership experience. Pam received both her graduate and undergraduate degrees from Franklin University before relocating to Maryland to accept a C-Suite position with SHRM. Today, she focuses her practice and research on strategies to improve leadership and executive team behaviors.