Does your leadership team have a strategy?

If you don't have a dynamic documented roadmap that provides organization,  clarity, direction and a framework for decision-making, collaboration, and reinforcing the strength of your leadership capabilities, we need to talk.
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What will we experience?

  • To be professionally challenged.
  • To focus on goal achievement.
  • To discover and practice new skills and new ways of leading.
  • To overcome personal barriers and situational roadblocks.
  • To embrace the normal discomfort that comes with change.
  • To experience professional and personal renewal.

What is Leadership Teaming?

Leadership Teaming is a process of helping leaders fulfill their executive advantage so that the organization realizes its competitive advantage. It starts by understanding the emic perspective of leaders, defining (or redefining) your culture, and uncovering the root cause of situational roadblocks to expose and repair leadership vulnerabilities. Organizations that want to mitigate the impact of silos, dysfunctional leadership, and eroding conflict while improving trust, employee engagement, commitment, and retention will want to hire our team to work with theirs. 
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Why is teaming critical?

Our research shows that leadership competencies like collaboration, communication, conflict management, delegation, and empowerment softened during COVID-19, and organizational culture took a significant hit. Corporate culture changed because people’s needs and expectations changed. Leaders are left trying to regroup, applying past leadership skills to a new culture. 

It’s time to clarify your current culture and strengthen your leadership competencies.

Why? When the need for change bubbles up among employees, it feels like a revolt. Leadership naturally resists. However, when change comes from the top, it feels like renewal, and employees readily embrace being refreshed. 

What are some of the outcomes we can expect?

Each team is unique, therefore, your outcomes will depend on the goals we set together, but here are a few from current and former clients:
  • Identify the distinctive characteristics that lead to your competitive advantage.
  • Design a culture that attracts and retains top talent.
  • Learn practices that establish an emotionally safe culture.
  • Surface and resolve PRO (problem, risk, opportunity) management concerns.
  • Strengthen interpersonal communication, problem-solving, conflict, decision-making, and other conceptual skills.
  • Root out silos and other behaviors that no longer serve you, the team, or the organization.
  • Understand how to think, grow, and behave as a team.
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But don't take our word for it...

"I brought Pam to my organization (Lotte Chemical) to conduct an executive leadership workshop. She coached our senior leadership team and executives and got very positive feedback with noticeable and immediate changes among them.
I've worked with many executive coaches throughout my career. There is something that sets Pam apart from others. She is authentic and pragmatic. She is not trying to lecture or talk about theories. Her stories are real and her coaching comes from real workplace experiences (sense of humor is a huge bonus!). I hope there will be more people who can have an opportunity to meet Pam and become a better leader, a better person."
Ellen Lee
"Pam is a master executive coach, facilitator, leader and more—not to mention being incredibly enjoyable to be around. Pam brings her whole self into her work and leaves space for others to do the same. Her level of expertise and poise under pressure in crazy situations are unmatched. I am thankful to have been able to work with Pam through the most difficult year of my career. The imprint she left on me personally and the organization I worked for will have lasting positive effects long into the future!"
Desiree Daugherty
"Our executive team began working with Pam in early 2021. We had just come through a number of difficult challenges as a company and as a leadership team, including a “breakup” with our previous executive coach. Pam stepped in with confidence and learned about each of us on the team, developed relationships through listening, and helped us focus on where we needed to grow. Her use of objective tools such as the DISC to guide her work with us on managing our leadership styles and communicating more effectively was extremely valuable. Pam is a great resource and our team has continued to benefit from her work with us as a group and individually. I would highly recommend Pam to anyone looking to take their leadership to the next level of effectiveness!"
ryan john

Let's do this together.

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