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It's how influencers think and lead that position them for advancement.

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Avoid the causes of leadership failure.

Don't become a statistic. Leadership is more than a title.

Learn to think and lead like a next level leader.

Move from complicated to complexity thinking.

Develop skills that put your learning to practice.

Gain executive presence confidence through practice.


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The path toward next level leadership is crowded. To separate yourself from others you have to adopt a mindset for growth and put your learning to practice. We'll show you how.

If you want to become an executive influencer, this bundle is for you.

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Will I get a certificate?

Following each course, you can download a certificate. Once all courses have been completed, let us know and we'll send you our proprietary Influencer Certificate.

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We have a complexity readiness assessment you can use as the foundation for your growth. Plus you get to work with a coach for your debrief.

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We're not done, once you've completed your courses, let us guide your next steps to advancement. 

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You not only get your courses, but you also get access to the other resources we offer, including the newsfeed, team building tools, and lots of resources.

Did you know you have a coach advisor?

Yep. You have a coach advisor ready and waiting to provide you with online virtual support! If you'd like to establish a formal coaching relationship with one of our coaches, just let us know.

How long are the courses available to me?

You'll have access to the courses for 12 months from the date you purchase your bundle.

What if I want a full subscription to the Academy?

You can upgrade at any time. Your new 12-month subscription begins the day you pay for your upgrade.
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Become an Executive Influencer Bundle

Complete these courses to equip your brand with the knowledge required for complex leadership.

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