No time to read a book or attend a  workshop?

Our bundles allow you to get in, gather the insights you need, and get going with new practices and a refreshed mindset. We make learning quick, easy, and affordable for lasting results.
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Bundles are best for busy leaders needing breakthrough insights.

Not only do we offer these bundles, but with a full subscription, you can gain access to all of our bundles, our resources and an advisor who can coach you through your most pressing challenges.

Executive Influencer Bundle

Avoid the causes of leadership failure, learn to think and lead like an executive influencer, and practice the skills of influence.

Human Resource Influencer Bundle

Learn the conceptual skills you need to be an influencer at this level. Speak the language of business through an HR lens, and ensure your voice is heard and respected.

Learn on the go.
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Strategic Leadership Thinking Bundle
Coming Soon!

Want to learn what it means to think and lead strategically, but don't know where to go, which books to read or who to ask? This bundle is for you.

Inclusion and the Customer Bundle

Coming Soon!

Looking to grow your bottom line by expanding your customer base? Inclusion is the key and we'll show you how to attract, engage and retain a diverse customer base.

If now is not the time for this, then a bundle is just right for you.

You have several bundle options to choose from. If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know. We're here to help: