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Leaders solve complex and complicated problems. Knowing which set of skills to use is critical. Our Core Competency Index (CCI) report was developed specifically to lead you through an honest assessment of your current competencies, ultimately providing you with a plan for developing the complexity skills that are below the bar, and continuing toward mastery in areas where you are strong. If you possess the required technical skills for your position, using the roadmap provided by this report has the potential to make you a "rock star." 

Scores & Application
Based on your responses to the CCI questionnaire, your report will indicate your level of development of 25 influence skills. These 25 influence skills contribute to superior performance in many roles. Your development of these influence skills is categorized into three levels: 
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1. Well Developed (Green - top 25%)

If your score is high (green), this is an area of strength and scores as Above Average. While you have no
immediate need to follow the recommendations for improvement, you will want to continue to grow
in that area, retest at a later date to ensure sustainability.
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3. Needs Development (Red - bottom 25%)

If you have a low score (red), the score is considered Below Average. It is recommended that you consider the benefit of prioritizing these areas for improvement more immediately, as they are likely to have more substantial consequences, particularly if they are quite relevant in your environment or position.

2. Moderately Developed (Yellow - middle 50%)

If you have an Average score (yellow), you may wish to consider the benefit of focusing on an
improvement in this area, as it indicates an opportunity to grow and develop further, though this area may have less significant overall risk to your effectiveness.

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