Getting a Promotion is the Easy Part

Avoid the trap of taking a paycheck-to-paycheck mindset to the next level. 
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Evaluate your financial goals.


Create and execute your plan.

Do you know the Top 7 Questions That Lead to Financial Habits That Work?

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Your career goals and your financial plan must work in tandem.

Our vision is to ensure you build a reputable, credible, sustainable brand that equips you to enjoy the career you desire most. But that is only part of it.

Many leaders fail to plan financial brands. As such, they get great jobs, and because of their failure to plan financially, find themselves tethered to a job that is no longer serving them.

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Why? Commitment leads to Consistency.
Consistency establishes practices that lead to your growth, personally and financially.

Learn from leaders who do this work every day.

Clarify and establish your goals.

How do you want to live? What happens if you suddenly lose income? When do you want to retire? Together we'll answer these and other foundational wealth building questions.

Learn your financial options for getting there.

Did you know that 90% of the world's population holds just 15% of the worlds wealth. That means just 10% of people hold 85%. How? It's not through the lottery. They learned strategies to make their money work for them. You can too.

Now, you're ready to negotiate your value.

Most people start with how much money they want to make when  evaluating career options, which is like building a roof before the foundation is laid. This step comes after #1 and #2. Only then do we discuss how to negotiate your value.

"In fact, of course, there is no secret knowledge; no one knows anything that can't be found on a shelf in the public library."  Daniel Quinn

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