Setting Goals That Actually Work

  • Author: Pam Green
  • Course time: 9 minutes
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Category: Time Management
Series: Goal Setting

Setting a goal isn’t always easy. Even when we’re committed to change, we can still get caught up in vague ambitions—“I want a promotion” or “I want financial freedom”—while failing to define any specific terms. As a result, our goals become hazy ideas that we never end up reaching. So, how do you break through that pattern and set goals that actually work?

In this micro course, you’ll learn how to set goals the right way. First, you’ll learn why the method you choose matters and why effective goal setting starts with a process. Then, you’ll learn how to pursue that process and create goals that align with the SMART acronym.

  • Video time: 3.25 minutes
  • Additional Resources: Goal process checklist