Managing High Performers

  • Author: Pam Green
  • Course time: 11 minutes
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Category: team Management
Series: performance management

High-performing team members make your job look easy. They always meet their deadlines, knock their goals out of the park, and their key performance indicators are through the roof. They’re reliable, self-motivated, and exceptional at what they do. Even better, they require little to no direction from you. Just get out of their way, and let them do their thing—right?

Not exactly. High performers require attention and coaching, too. Neglecting to engage, challenge, and cultivate your most talented employees can lead them to get bored or look for opportunities elsewhere.  So, how do you bring out the best in your best-performing employees? How do you challenge someone who’s already at the top of their game? What are the risks to all-star retention, and how do you keep high achievers excited and inspired by their work? Uncover the answers to these questions in the following micro course, where you’ll learn tips for managing and developing your top-performing employees. 

  • Video time: 5.50 minutes
  • Additional Resources: Checklist to develop and motivate a high-performing team member