How to Avoid the Top Six Time-Wasters in the Workplace

  • Author: Pam Green
  • Course time:
    15 minutes
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Category: Time Management
Series: Prioritization

If you don’t watch out, it’s easy to lose hours of your workday—or even days of your week—to workplace time-wasters. From the chatty Cathy at the water cooler you can't get away from to checking your email compulsively, there are a myriad of traps and temptations employees may fall prey to when trying to stay productive at work. 

This micro course will increase your awareness of the top six time-wasters at work. First, you’ll explore a few benefits of using your time productively at work. Then, you’ll learn what the most common time-wasters are as well as simple solutions for avoiding them. 

  • Video time: 7.25 minutes
  • Additional Resources: Checklist of five common time-wasters