Ending a Conversation Positively

  • Author: Pam Green
  • Course time: 7 minutes
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Category: Communication
Series: Verbal Communication

There's an art to ending a conversation and having all participants walk away feeling good.  Ending a conversation can be tricky. It feels negative to tell someone, “I’ve got other things to do.” But eventually, all talks must come to an end. 

So, how do you gracefully wrap things up without sounding rude or offensive? How do you make “goodbye” not sound like rejection? The trick is to perfect your timing and your phrasing. You’ll need to find the right moment, and you’ll need to come off as courteous, sincere, and kind.  

In this micro course, we demonstrate how to end a conversation on a positive note. First, we’ll explain how to pick the right timing and wrap things up smoothly. Then, we’ll offer three compelling reasons you can give for needing to say goodbye.

  • Video time: 2.25 minutes
  • Additional Resources: Checklist for ending a conversation