Become DISC Certified

Why Consider DISC Certification?

Strengthen your employee and leadership relationships. As a certified DISC facilitator, you will be able to enhance employee and leader loyalty, position yourself as a trusted expert, and provide continuous organizational value.

About the course

DISC is a scientifically validated assessment that will match or map to your organizational goals. Our basic certification program is a combination of one-on-one, instructor-led and self-paced sessions. They are fully online and you go at your own pace. For organizations looking to certify staff members with a basic level understanding and interpretation of DISC results. Our five-part DISC Assessment Certification is designed to provide you with the ability to debrief an employee's DISC report with confidence and accuracy and use the assessments for a variety of organizational needs.

Once certified, your member account will give you access to trainer materials, marketing one-sheets, individual and team reports, access to your reports and account 365 days a year 24 hours each day.

Post certification investment:
$500 Annual Account Fee. No Setup Costs. Pay as You Go Pricing. UNLIMITED FREE Reports. BONUS: Annual membership in the Academy.

If you're not already certified, sign up today.
$2600 pp + ($500 Annual Account Fee)
$3600 for up to three people per company + $500 Annual Account Fee

COURSE Overview

An Outline of Our Six Part Program

#1 Introduction to DISC

You initial session will be an introduction to DISC which includes an overview, and the completion of your DISC Assessment. Your homework will include completing your assessment, and viewing the training video.

#2 Understanding Self, Part 1

Using your assessment, we'll review each area of the DISC report. We'll debrief the DISC assessment just as you will with your clients or employees.

#3 Understanding Self, Part 2

We'll continue a review of your DISC report specifically discussing tensions, emotions, and extensions.

#4 Adaptability

During this session we'll take a deep dive into adaptability. You'll review various reports and learn how to understand shifts more clearly.

#5 Review and Practice

During this session, you'll get practice reviewing and debriefing a DISC assessment.

#6 Knowledge Check and Certification

You'll walk your assessor through a sample DISC assessment debrief ensuring you cover key elements of the report.

Homework assignments and all materials are listed within each course segment.

Pamela J. Green, MBA, SPHR, PCC

Pamela is an executive consultant and coach with more than 30 years of leadership experience. Pam received both her graduate and undergraduate degrees from Franklin University before relocating to Maryland to accept a C-Suite position with SHRM. Today, she focuses her practice and research on strategies to improve leadership and executive team behaviors.