Communication Mistakes: Rectifying and Clarifying

  • Author: Pam Green
  • Course time: 6 minutes
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Category: Communication
Series: Verbal Communication

We’ve all experienced miscommunication. As speakers, we may say the wrong words and confuse or offend others. As listeners, we might misunderstand or mishear a message. In these situations, we can improve our communication by rectifying and clarifying.

Rectifying is correcting a mistake. Clarifying is making something clearer. By rectifying what we’ve said, we can backtrack and rephrase our message. By asking for clarification on what we’ve heard, we can get to the bottom line.

This micro course explains how to improve your communication skills by rectifying and clarifying. We’ll look at why these techniques are important, and we’ll describe how to use them effectively as speakers and as listeners.

  • Video time: 2.50 minutes
  • Additional Resources: Resources to help further your education in working with different communication styles