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Trish knows people. After all, she's been coaching, leading, and partnering with them for the past 10 years and counting. Allow Trish to enhance your Academy experience. Onboard with her today.

Trish has over ten years of experience assisting organizations in the day to day strategic development of programs and business processes for the development and engagement of people.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University, along with certifications and notable memberships.

In her spare time, Trish helps organizations create a culture of continuous learning in ways that inspire innovation and make a lasting impact on an organization’s most valuable asset, it’s people.
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How Trish can help:

You're never alone in the Academy.
  • Goal Setting: Get assistance in setting clear, achievable goals and use the Academy to create actionable plans, and realize positive outcomes.
  • Problem-Solving Strategies: Trish can point you to tools, resources and courses to help you develop effective strategies for addressing and resolving challenges.
  • Time Management: Not sure where or how to start? Trish can guide you and help in prioritizing tasks and managing time efficiently to enhance your productivity.
  • Accountability: Sometimes we need help being accountable for our progress and actions. Trish can help you stay on track with your development goals.

You Now Have 3 Support Options in the Academy

Academy Coach & Manager

Trish is your go-to person for Academy specific questions and challenges you encounter while navigating the Academy.

Online Executive Advisor

Click HERE to connect virtually with an experienced executive to help you navigate your individual professional career challenges.

Professional Certified Coach

To interview and hire an executive coach, click HERE to review our roster of available coaches to meet varying professional and budgetary needs.
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