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Help! My High Performer is Out of Control.

December 2023


I used to be able to count on my high performer to have a great attitude, work well with others, and be more supportive, but lately, they have gone from satisfied and engaged to dismissive, disgruntled, and downright difficult to deal with. When given work assignments, they want to debate the deadline. They don't want to lead or be a member of long-term projects, and other performers don't want to work with them. They are one of the highest-paid employees and part of the Top 10 club of high performers with special benefits. I'm not sure what else to do, but here are some thoughts.

Which approach is the best approach:

Option A.

They probably think they are doing my job, so I better start planning for their successor and create an exit strategy for them to leave the organization because I'm not going anywhere soon.

Option B.

Working with a coach is a very effective solution; having someone who can guide them through this season of their career is probably the best approach.

Option C.

I'll sit down with them, and together, we'll figure it out.

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